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Land Management

The challenges for the Trust in maintaining and managing the Estate are many, especially due to the current pace of change in today’s rural economy. This change is driven by the Government’s vision for the future of our rural landscape which is expected to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits. The Trust firmly believes that it is important to ensure that the land is managed in a sustainable manner benefiting the local economy while protecting its natural heritage.

Scottish Natural Heritage has designated four areas on the Estate as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). Representing the best of Scotland’s natural heritage, they are ‘special’ for their plants, animals or habitats, their rocks or landforms, or a combination of such natural features. Together they form a network of the best examples of natural features throughout Scotland.

Our Sites are Àird Thuirinis and Bagh Tharsgabhaig, for their significant geological formations, and Coille Dalavil and Coille Thogabhaig for their ancient woodlands.

Within this wonderful landscape, the Trust undertakes the management of forestry programmes, woodland creation schemes, a tenanted farm, deer control and deer welfare maintenance, and sporting enterprise. Some 10,500 acres, over half of the Trust’s Estate, is crofting land.

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