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Open Easter to October 2018


Armadale Castle, Gardens & Museum of the Isles offers visitors the chance to see many of Scotland’s iconic wildlife species in their natural environment including red and roe deer, otters and a huge variety of birds including skylarks, lapwings, shearwaters, diving gannets, golden eagles and sea eagles.

Recently re-established on Scotland’s west coast, the majestic sea eagle has an average life span of 21 years. Pairs mate for life, although if one of the pair dies the survivor will readily find a new mate. These magnificent creatures can be seen soaring above the Estate.

The sea around the Estate is home in the late summer to basking sharks and minke whales, while porpoises can be seen in many of the bays from the spring onwards. Walking through the ancient woodland of Dalavil you might even see an adder. If you do see this snake’s distinctive markings, go quietly and carefully, and the adder should slip away.

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