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Open Easter to October 2018

Museum Of The Isles – Taigh Tasgaidh Chlann Domhnaill

Discover the history of the Highlands and Islands through the story of Clan Donald, its most powerful clan, at our award-winning museum.

Six interconnecting galleries, each with their own theme, take you through 1500 years of the history and culture of the area once known as the Kingdom of the Isles. This sea kingdom had its own unique culture and language, Gaelic. The MacDonalds – or Clan Donald – were the Lords of the Isles and sit at the heart of the history of Gaeldom.

Our Museum follows their story through triumph, bloodshed and trauma from the demise of the Lordship of the Isles, through the Jacobite risings, to the sweeping cultural changes where clansmen became crofters and chiefs became landlords. A seventh gallery hosts an exhibition that changes each year and celebrates the anniversaries of historic events or explores special themes.

A poetry trail gives an added dimension to the story while audio guides in several languages, and for the visually impaired, provide further interpretation.

Young visitors can enjoy exploring the museum with our Children’s trails. See our News and Events pages for details of  family activity sessions running through the school holidays.

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